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Biodiagnostic testing

Bio-Diagnostic Function Testing

Feeling tired? Out of sorts? Do you catch everything going? Do you suffer from those irritating chronic problems that won’t go away?  Bio-diagnostics could pinpoint the problem. Treatment with special homoeopathic remedies may help

This technique assesses the health of the body organs and allows treatment to be targeted very specifically.

This is done by testing the conductivity of the skin at acupuncture points on the hands and feet. This does not involve penetration of the skin and is painless. 

An imbalance at any of these points is due to a loss of function at the associated organ. The cause of the problem can be determined using special homoeopathic test kits.

This technique was devised in the 1950’s by Dr Voll and is in widespread use in Germany in both orthodox and complementary medicine.

Homoeopathic preparations can be used to treat the problems and a wide range of problems can be helped this way. This is especially helpful for people with poorly functioning immune systems.

BDF Initial appointment will last approximately one hour.

Follow-ups last approximately 30 minutes.


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