Homotoxicology Progressive Homoeopathy Biodiagnostics

Can help with

Homotoxicology, Progressive Homoeopathy & Biodiagnostics has helped with:


Use progressive homoeopathy to check that the body systems are functioning well.

Upgrading Your Health

Correct imbalances in the body systems due to inherited toxins or unresolved illness giving you more energy to cope with today’s fast pace and stresses.

Functional Problems

Progressive homoeopathy can help with body imbalances leading to poor functioning such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). 

Over working immune systems which can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or ME.

Aches and Pains

Chronic Infections

Can’t shake of that ‘flu, cold or upset tummy? Biodiagnostics can detect imbalances in the body due to past illness, or from parasites, and remedies can be prescribed to correct the imbalances.

Skin Problems

  • Eczema and psoriasis respond well to this treatment.
  • Warts - Can respond well to treatment, although sometimes it takes a few treatments.

Allergies, Intolerances & Sensitivities

thousands of substances ranging from cat hairs, feathers, dust mites to chemicals in the environment can be tested for using the machine.

Psychological Problems

  • Depression can sometimes be due to inherited toxins, which can be treated using the homoeopathic medicines.
  • Hyperactivity and behavioural problems can be due to intolerances or infections in the nervous system.


Parasitic infestations are more common than widely thought particularly in rural areas. Remedies can be prescribed to help clear symptoms.

  • Worms
  • Malaria
  • Amoebas




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