Homotoxicology Progressive Homoeopathy Biodiagnostics

case histories

This is a small sample of the cases indicating the potential effectiveness of Homotoxicology, Progressive Homoeopathy & Biodiagnostic techniques:

A seven-year-old boy was brought to the practice suffering with the lack of sleep and hyperactive behaviour.  A remedy was prescribed for a virus that can affect the nervous system. Once treatment had commenced his symptoms improved rapidly, and although he has regressed on a couple of occasions further treatment has solved the problem. 

A 6 month old baby presented with eczema and cradle cap. Mother was still breastfeeding the baby. The remedy was taken by the mother and administered through the breastmilk. The cradle cap and eczema disappeared within two weeks.

A man in his 70s came for a consultation suffering from an enlarged prostate gland.  This gentleman came for treatment reporting frequent visits to the loo in the night, and pain on passing water.  After two sessions he now reports no pain on passing water and less frequent visits to the lavatory.  He says he has “a new lease of life”. 

A woman in her early 40s came for consultation, having suffered with an under-active thyroid for seven years previously.  Testing revealed an imbalance on the thyroid point and remedies were prescribed to correct the imbalance.  A subsequent blood test revealed a dramatic drop in the levels of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), by which time the symptoms had disappeared.

A woman of 32 came to the practice suffering from persistent back pain of 8 years standing. She had had physiotherapy and osteopathy with no more than temporary relief. Remedies were prescribed to clear an old infection in the back, and after treatment the symptoms improved dramatically.

A 13 year old girl with eczema attended for consultation.  A fungal infection was diagnosed using the machine.  The eczema cleared up after two courses of medicine.

A 30 year-old mother of two attended the practice suffering from depression.  An inherited toxin was discovered on the nervous system.  Having treated that, she was pleasantly surprised with the consistent improvement of her mood.

A 17 year-old girl with glandular fever consulted Rosemary, who prescribed a glandular fever remedy.  The symptoms were dramatically better after two weeks.


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